Convergence Accelerator Workshop: NSF Travel Guidelines

For those seeking NSF participant support, the Convergence Accelerator: Bio-inspired Design Workshop will provide partial support for the following travel costs:

  • Airfare or mileage (according to NSF & IRS guidelines)
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport, bus, or rail station
  • Parking & Tolls
  • Hotel*

Following your trip, participants can download a SU Travel Expense Voucher to be reimburse for expenses (airfare, mileage, ground transportation, parking, and tolls) incurred to attend the workshop.

*Please note that hotel accommodations (room only) booked under negotiated hotel rate will be directly billed to The Workshop.  Participants will be responsible for incidentals.

NSF Sponsored Guidelines

Air Travel

Federal regulations prohibit using business or first-class fares on federally sponsored research projects unless it is specifically approved by the funding sponsor.

Travelers who fly business class must document the lowest available coach fare and may allocate the difference using personal funds.

For flights with scheduled in-air flying time in excess of six (6) continuous hours, upgrades to business class are permitted. On those flights that meet this duration requirement and where business class is not offered by the airline, first class is permitted

Upgrades to “premium economy” seating, such as exit row seats or additional leg space, are permitted on flight segments with scheduled in-air flying time in excess of three (3) continuous hours.

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation to and from the airport, bus, or rail station is reimbursable.

Mileage-based reimbursement covers all costs related to the operation of the vehicle, including service, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, and fuel. These expenses cannot be reimbursed separately. Mileage reimbursement may only be submitted by the vehicle owner or driver.

Travel expense reports submitted more than 60 days after trip completion will result in part or all of the reimbursement being treated as taxable wages and reported as additional wages on the traveler’s W2 form.

Sponsored funds will not pay for any portion of travel that did not occur due to personal reasons, i.e. illness, no childcare, etc.  The only time a sponsored award *may* pay for cancelled travel is if the reason for the cancellation is out of control of the traveler, i.e. conference is cancelled.