At SBI, we strive to provide a safe working environment, rapid access and training, and expert technical know-how on our instruments. To that end, we have developed a set of policy documents to help users—faculty, students, staff, and extramural guests—navigate SBI’s capabilities.

Scheduling Calendar and Policies

For existing users, use our online scheduling system to reserve time on our instruments and tools. Policies about instrument use and scheduling are here.

Safety Training Requirements

All users and visitors to SBI are required to undergo University- and SBI-approved safety training. Full policy details are here.

Instrument Training Procedures

Users must undergo training on individual instruments and tools to schedule time on those pieces of equipment. To get started, visit Access and Scheduling. Please read the full details of the training policy here. SBI is proud to use a superuser-trainer model wherein well-qualified graduate students and postdoctoral associates are certified to train on select instruments, offering a unique training experience for these volunteers.

Access Policies

We have developed a set of detailed procedures for gaining card-swipe access to SBI or for visitor status. Access the detailed policy here. While in SBI labs, we expect everyone to follow our lab etiquette guidelines so that everyone may have a safe, productive working environment.