Headshot of Mary Beth Monroe
Mary Beth Monroe Portrait

Assistant professor in biomedical and chemical engineering Mary Beth Monroe has received the Young Investigator Award from the Society For Biomaterials. This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in biomaterials research.

The Society For Biomaterials is a group of multidisciplinary professionals from various fields including academia, healthcare, government, and business. They aim to advance biomaterial science and education to improve professional standards for human health while promoting excellence in biomaterial science, engineering, and technology.

Monroe’s research is focused on engineering new biomaterials to address clinical needs in wound healing. Seeking to make significant strides in polymer chemistry to facilitate safer, more efficient medical devices, her biomaterials lab conducts basic and applied research to produce and analyze polymeric biomaterials that enhance healing outcomes.

“Dr. Monroe is off to a fantastic start as a junior faculty member, and she brings tremendous creativity, energy, and enthusiasm to her research lab, teaching, mentorship activities, and service efforts. We expect her to continue to lead in these areas and to excel as a biomaterials scholar as she inspires those around her to lead as well,” says the SFB BioInterfaces Special Interest Group Awards Committee, Ashley Brown, Benjamin Keselowsky, and Christopher Siedlecki.

“I have been engaged with SFB since my first semester of graduate school,” says Monroe. “It is a huge honor to be recognized by this scientific society that has had such a huge impact on my career by providing me with mentors, collaborators, and an outlet for scientific inquiry over the past 10+ years.”

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