Access and Scheduling

To become a user of the Materials Research Core, please follow these steps:

  1. Register for two required trainings offered by Syracuse University’s Environmental Health and Safety Services, “Initial Lab Safety Training”, and “Biosafety Training”. New researchers can register for these trainings here: EHSS Training Registration. Once these trainings are complete, researchers will qualify for card access to the Bowne Hall labs, and instrumentation trainings can begin.
  2. Submit the access request form to Dr. Eric Finkelstein. After processing, and pending completion of the EHSS trainings, you will be granted swipe card access to the MRC Facility.
  3. Request training on individual instruments by submitting this form to Dr. Finkelstein. Dr. Finkelstein will coordinate initial training with him or the superuser-trainer for that instrument.

Instrument Reservations:

To schedule time on Materials Research Core instruments, use our online scheduling tool here: Online Scheduler